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Show me my path. Teach me along the way. Direct my anger. Grant me peace. Sustain my hope. Let me laugh.

Be strong today for we will reap if we do not grow weary.

LGC Says

Linda Grist Cunningham continues her four decades of reporting and writing in her columns from Key West. She explores local and national news and the political and governmental issues and decisions most likely to affect our property investments and future of the Florida Keys. And, she’ll take the occasional side trip to Key West wacky.

Dear Connor

Dear Connor” is a collection of essays written for Connor Cunningham by his grandmother, Linda Grist Cunningham. The essays are her construct for making sense of the unraveling American community. Connor may never read them but they help her distill solutions from the cacophony that passes for discourse as America enters its crisis turning.

About Linda Grist Cunningham

KeyWestWatch Media LLC is owned by editor and proprietor Linda Grist Cunningham, a nationally recognized legacy newspaper editor, publishing executive and project manager with more than 40 years of professional experience. Cunningham is a veteran journalist and relocated to Key West in 2012, after 20 years as executive editor of the Rockford (IL) Register Star. She left the Register Star in 2011 to open KeyWestWatch Media LLC. When legacy media proved itself too cumbersome to change with and adapt to today’s information world, Cunningham built her new media company business plan, packed up four cats (now five) and a husband and relocated to Key West.

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Hurricane Irma | News for and from Key West locals

From Sept. 5 through Sept. 24, 2017, John Teets and I researched and shared thousands of pieces of news and information about Hurricane Irma and the effects in Key West. We are grateful to those who shared those three weeks with us, who shared information and important bulletins and who came “into our home” with compassion, caring and support.

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By the time we informally closed our Facebook Page, our posts had reached a million people around the world and there were almost 300,000 video views. We are grateful to our followers for their exceptional support and digital community compassion.

Where's Ed and the Cat 5s?

Ed and the Cat 5s — we have five kitties at home — stayed on-island during Hurricane Irma, Sept. 9-27, 2017. Our home, the cats and he were safe. For three weeks following the storm, Ed hauled trash, pulled debris, ran chainsaws, rebuilt fences at Fort Zachary Taylor State Park — and for our neighbors. We were blessed.

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