Dear Connor

“Dear Connor” is a collection of essays written for Connor Cunningham by his grandmother, Linda Grist Cunningham. The essays are her construct for making sense of the unraveling American community. Connor may never read them but they help her distill solutions from the cacophony that passes for discourse as America enters its crisis turning.

Dear Connor: Put on your listening ears

While I can’t fix or change it as an individual, I can write about it, I can teach my son and give him the tools to deal with the mess he and his generation are going to inherit in 20 years. And I can pray that there will be others that do the same.

Dear Connor: Nine promises that we will be OK

Being OK doesn’t mean the next several years will be moonbeams and unicorns. The next decade will be harsh, unsteady, inexplicable and frightening. We will, as a country, walk with that awesome shadow of the valley of death. History tells us that we must face our worst selves before we can create our best.

Dear Connor | Being a grownup sucks

Dear Connor | Being a grownup sucks

Good morning, Connor. Being a grownup sucks. You're three so you're thinking about things like blue PlayDoh. You think Henny-Penny is a great kids' book about a nutso chicken, not a description of this summer's run amok world. But, yeah, being a grownup sucks because,...

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