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Linda Grist Cunningham continues her four decades of reporting and writing in her columns from Key West. She explores local and national news and the political and governmental issues and decisions most likely to affect our property investments and future of the Florida Keys. And, she’ll take the occasional side trip to Key West wacky.

Hurricane Irma: Our choices for best Keys news sources

Hurricane Irma: Our choices for best Keys news sources

    As John Teets and I wind down our coverage of Hurricane Irma, we know many of our followers want to stay connected to the latest news and updates. We’ve gathered what we consider the best, most reliable and most credible sources, many of which we relied...

Hurricane Irma: 9-18-17: Please stay home for a couple three weeks

When your town's paychecks depend on tourists, second home owners and vacation rentals, it's downright discourteous to say "Y'all stay the heck out of here." For sure, no one that gets paid to promote tourism in the Keys is gonna put it that bluntly. I'll do it for...

Hurricane Irma: 9-17-17: Has it only been seven days?

For seven days we have shared the (cliche alert) roller coaster that began with believing Key West and the Keys might be spared the worst of Hurricane Irma as the predicted path of the Category 4 storm headed up the east coast of Florida. Wibble wobble back and forth...

Hurricane Irma: 9-15-17: Ready to come home to Key West? Maybe Sunday

What we know, what we don't and what we think we know We only know one thing tonight: The slog of restoring a sliver of normalcy to Key West after Hurricane Irma continues. Progress is astounding thanks to scores of men and women who do what most of us would never...

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