Friday Five: Pensions at 55-cents on the dollar, and, oh, yeah, that Libyan dude

Friday Five: Odds and ends from the week behind.

* Seems 3,400 retired Chicago public school teachers are getting a wallet-sweetening $250 a month they might not be entitled to. The Chicago News Cooperative reports today there could be a $90 million mistake. Oops, says pension fund and school board. Rats says the judge trying to figure it all out. Oh, goodie, say the lawyers on each side of the lawsuit.

And the teachers? They ought to be frantic. Not because of the $250 math “error,” but because their pension fund only has 55 cents on the dollar to pay out. If you’re a teacher getting ready to retire, better check the retirement nest egg; it might be tough to live on half what you thought was coming in. (Similar, by the way, for other public pensioners. Yep, you’re owed the whole chunk; except that the checks may bounce.)

* Operation Clean Sweep: Lots of folks are pretty pleased about the joint cops shop predawn raids this week that rounded up bad guys who might not ought be on the streets at the moment. I’m not in the rosy-eyed, cheering section, but I’m not going to beat the band for the cynics either. Let’s just say I am a taking a page from Missouri: So, show me.

* I hope there is a special place in hell for men with holes in their souls who steal from children. To the tune of $18 million; yes, million. That appears to be what George E. Smith did for a living as a favorite Department of Children and Family Services contractor — and “friend and mentor” of just-departed DCFS Director Erwin McEwen.

* President Barack Obama’s got his share of performance headaches, but when it comes to tracking down terrorists and offing their heads (figuratively, or maybe, not so much), he’s getting it done. That used to the political capital of his predecessor, George W. Will be interesting to see how his detractors attempt to pull the rug out from a president who’s walking Geedubya’s talk.

* And this one for newbies to the social media world (you might have to print it out and share it with them. Come on, be a friend.) If you’re thinking your business needs one of them FaceClub thingies, you’re right. Here are 10 good tips.

Oh, and you’ve gotta love this quote: “… This is especially true for social media planning, where all too often the plan revolves around a murky set of objectives and a band of interns.”

Ah, that band of interns. And, when they go back to school, who’s gonna do your FacePaint thingie?

And, with that, TGIF, as we boomers said back in the day. May God smile on you and yours.

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