Saturday night in Key West

Fall starts in Key West
Folks up north are pulling out the fleece and getting the rakes ready for the annual Fall dump.
Not so here, but it’s easy to tell when Fall begins in Key West. The thermometer reads 10 degrees cooler than the week before and the humidity drops 20 percentage points. And, the Harleys compete with the crowing roosters.
Tonight you can hear the rumble across Old Town as a counterpoint to the live music in the park and along Duval Street.
Back here in The Meadows, the breeze has picked up and it’s promising to be a terrific evening.
Have a great weekend!

Harleys, Key West, Poker Run: Will boomers go for three wheels?

Harleys, Poker Run, Key West: Three great things in one

The annual Key West Poker Run brings thousands of bikers — heavy on the Harleys — from the mainland to Duval Street. For three days, the rumble of bikes and bikers competes with the chickens, closes streets all across town, brings in lots of cash — and adds to locals’ traffic headaches.

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Ah, the growling popcorn rumble of thousands of big bikes. Beginning early Friday morning and heading through the weekend, the annual Key West Poker Run makes the island one of the world’s best display lots for Harley-Davidson’s premier bikes — and their custom-fitted companions.

And, as these bikers find a few more gray hairs under the helmets, is there even a remote chance they’ll trade two wheels for three? Well, baby boomers have always found ways to act the age they think they are, so give the Poker Run a few more years and three might be the latest rage.

Poker Run Bikers to Travel Florida Keys’ Overseas Highway Sept. 15-18KEY WEST, Florida Keys Motorcyclists from throughout the United States are to travel one of America s most scenic highways to raise money…
Trikes, Three-Wheeled Motorcycles, on Rise as Riders Age"I told my wife it was either trike it or park it," said Mr. Howard, 74, wearing a cowboy hat and a bright yellow safety shirt. "And she …
Bike week and the Poker Run begins today on the island. Estimated 10,000 bikers converge on Key West the next several days and raise tons of money distributed to different charity organizations in Monroe county and the Florida Keys……and some HD eye candy-o-plenty along Lower Duval St. Kudos!Danny Reid Carter
Key West, FL – Key West Poker RunThe Key West Poker Run gives Harley Davidson more prestige as they raise thousands for charity and dump millions into the Key West econ…
Key West Poker RunRoy Richard Llowarch
Key West Poker RunRoy Richard Llowarch
Ahhhh …. Morning meditation on our Harley ! We are on our way to Key West for Poker Run .Breakfast with friendsKaren Greene
You may want to consider selling your motorcycle, if you use a trailer to get it to key west for poker run. Just saying.Mike Britton
Poker run to Key West lots of motorcycles on the road !! I already saw an accident in Key Largo involving a motorcycle !! Share the road look twice for motorcycles save a life !!!!Hector Ramirez Hrsix
Stuck on the side of 75 south and waiting on AAA. So much for the poker run in Key West!Paul Weber
Alrighty then, nappy time for ‘ol Dannyboy. Chill out before tonight’s Hogs Breath performance # 5 in a row here in Key West our sweet home away from home. Ducal St. Is closed down because of Bike Week Poker-Run fun. Thousands of beautiful custom and stock machines line the curbsides as these wonderful folks raise tons of money for wonderful charities. The Hogs Breath Saloon will be packed to the rafters tonight and the Carter Brothers Band are ready to continue the good rockin’Danny Reid Carter
ONLY pink bike at Poker Run Hernandez
VA-ROOM, Poker Run rolls into town and we have all the pix in our newest PHOTO Gallery…updated 24/7 with all the fun!milezerokeywest
Steve and Amy – ‘Key West where the Wierd go pro!’ at the Poker Run street festiva @ Duval Street, Key West K. Smith
Poker run #bikeweek #keywest Boyer

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