This is the final week for this beta version of Key West Watch. For the next few months, I’m going behind the scene, so to speak, to build the integrated architecture that will support the company. While the WordPress platform and various social media programs can do a lot, they can’t support the entire operation — especially Key West Watch @ Home and the print products.

That means it’s time to build out as the central CMS, and from there I can feed and support mobile, paper and extensive galleries, calendars and news content.

Building the website will be a challenge. I have partnered with ELCInnovations to do the build. First step will be the content map, then the site map — and then build and integrate the subscription-based Key West Watch @ Home service that will be the primary revenue driver.

Knowing how these things work, that architecture build will take three to six months and I’ll be working on “evergreen” content during that time. And, I’ll complete the marketing and revenue plans.

Three things I’ve learned over 40 years in the information business: Without strong, updated, important and useful content, you die; (2) without an exceptional, consistent print-web-broadcast marketing strategy, you never get born; and (3) without revenue you don’t live long.

Assuming all comes together, then we should launch the company in the late summer or early fall of 2012.

I’ll post occasionally just to keep my hand in, so check back on my progress. And, thanks to my those who are my “charter members.” Your support is important.

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